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About Us

Axinar is a new Greek company established on 2010 in Thessaloniki by two young scientists, the Nikolaidis brothers. George Nikolaidis is a Mechanical Engineer and Paul Nikolaidis is a Computer Science department graduate. Their family tradition in small industry, their passion for innovation and their ambition for production of advanced machines helped them to conquer the trust of the customers in the Greek market.

Axinar with its participation in many sectorial, local and international fairs achieved to be widely known and steadily broaden its agent network in Greece. Simultaneously, Axinar’s team prepares its entrance in the international market with its participation in well-known international fairs and contacts with potential partners.

Axinar’s main products are: log wood boilers, pellet boilers, and log wood splitters. The first-rate design in combination with their careful manufacture and the high quality products make Axinar a competitive company in the European market.

Axinar through its continuous research aims to the constant improvement of its products. Axinar’s main values are the high quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and respect to the environment.